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Wrenaissance - Armor by crawdadEmily
Wrenaissance - Armor
Carolina wren and fox squirrel

Aye, the wren itself doesn't have much armor...I didn't want to take away from the wren-ness.  ^^;
Hula Leia by crawdadEmily
Hula Leia
I made this years ago but it was a presento and I'm just now getting a photo of it :)  It is a princess Leia dancing  hula girl for the car dashboard (or wherever).  You can't tell but she does have a spring inside under the skirt so she can actually dance when you, uh, jiggle her.  Sadly the strap for the guitar/ukelele disintegrated over time, maybe I can fix it up for the owner.  Oh, I also made a Chewbacca one (for practice and teh lulz) but I don't have a picture of it yet!  Use your imagination.  I believe he has a seashell bikini top.
Effective Wren by crawdadEmily
Effective Wren
It came in a lab at work, and I was nearly incapacitated by cuteness and was significantly delayed in removing it from the building.  There were also some high-pitched noises.  That may have come from me.
Wren by crawdadEmily
These little guys pretty much run my life now, so I drew one.  I think I need to work on the legs more carefully next time, but otherwise I am pleased/incredibly cuted out.  I'm working on a little wren comic right now so hopefully it will be done sometime this century.  XP


United States
Have I mentioned that I like crayfish?
It's not monday yet, therefore it is still "Thanksgiving"  <.<   Hope you had a good one all you Americans out there.   I managed to crank out a quick thanksgiving-themed picture, but didn't have enough time to dedicate to it to make it as epic as I would have liked.  Why did I not have enough time?  Because I got sucked into the last two books of the "Last Policeman" trilogy, and had to consume it all!  Mmmm, good!  If you like mysteries, check it out.  It was very mysterious!

I've also been watching this very mysterious anime called K (or K Project, if a one letter title is just too weird).  It was so bizarre, yet I liked it, and I'm re-watching it because I missed a lot the first time around.  It is only 13 episodes so there was a lot to cram into a short time.  Oh, all the episode names are words starting with the letter K, see what they did there?  But, really, after reaching the end I think K is for KRYING!

 Cry forever 

Yet, I remain hopeful for the future second season.  balloon 
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  • Listening to: NPR
  • Reading: The Last Policeman
  • Watching: K
  • Eating: Cincinnati Chili, oh yeah

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Happy birthday!  :hug:
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You're welcome. :)
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PROWL!!! :party:
I know you don't go in for this sort of thing, and will possibly be mad. But you're second to none in the Second-in-Command department. So please accept this huge "You're #1!" balloon bouquet, and box of donuts on your desk. I won't offer you a day's vacation, but I have made it quite clear to Certain Elements in the Autobot ranks that any misbehavior today will be Frowned Upon by me personally. I thought you might like that chance to get caught up on some paperwork.
I admire you in a totally platonic and manly fashion.
Prime out.
crawdadEmily Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
Thank you, sir! I don't know what to say. It will be greatly appreciated to not have to deal with any n'er do wells. *secretly plays with balloon after you leave* *not-so-secretly eats donuts*
Suikodeniac Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
hi and thanks for adding me to your deviant watch list. =D

stupid question but this account name seems familiar, are you prowl at the comics in disguise forums?
crawdadEmily Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
You're welcome, you gallery is fun so I wanted to see more :)

Yes I am! Are you on there too?
Suikodeniac Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
thanks! =D

prowl's always been one of my favourite transformers. i think i remember your icon having an energon doughnut. :)

i am but not in a way worth mentioning. i joined about four years ago, posted for a few weeks and vanished because of health problems. didn't realize it'd been that long but i'll wave at you over there if my health improves enough to use forums again. :) nice running into you here too, though.
crawdadEmily Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
Yeah I think I still have the donut icon ;) Maybe will see you around there sometime, hope you are feeling better soon, whatever it is.

Do I correctly recall seeing Gods must be Crazy fanart in your gallery? That is so awesome, people rarely even know what that is ~_~
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Switchum Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
Thanks for the fave on my cake topper!
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